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youaredriving's Journal

aka Scarletsptember

6 September
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Right, so almost everything you find in here is going to be fanfiction, slash fanfiction. If that isn't your cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate with a Twizzler on the side, you might want to back away. Just a thought. I write a lot of crossovers, it just the mixture of the worlds, the freedom it allows(or not so much) either way, that's what you're going to find the most of.

I've got one sick sense of humor and the only people who see that are the people who read or the people who live with me. Lucky them. *grin* Either way it's a bucket of fun.

You can also follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/scarletsptember I tend to you know, yammer away. Post links to stories that don't get posted on my journal here and on other sites. Recommend other stories and just chat. It's tons of fun at four in the morning.

I'm on Tumblr!! http://scarletsptember.tumblr.com/